Course Four


How to Understand the Bible


KEY VERSE:  II Timothy 3:16, 17


Traveling alone in an unfamiliar territory without a map is an uncertain way to go.  Being a Christian changes all of that.  Christ became the guide with the Bible as the guidebook. 

Jesus taught that the Word of God is our spiritual food just like bread is our physical food.  Matthew 4:4


            Why should a Christian study the Bible every day?




            Compare the old life with the new:


            The old life:                                                     The new life:

            1.         No direction                                        1.         New pathway


            2.         Wrong reading materials                        2.         Bible & good books


            3.                                                                3.


            4.                                                                4.


            God’s Word must be taken in daily portions.  There is no such thing as “instant growth” by reading the Bible in one setting and ignoring it for days.  God is committed to the process as well as the product.

John Maxwell


            God has given us the Bible so that we might discover His love and learn to enjoy His presence.  As a new Christian, you will begin reading the Bible regularly.



            Our purpose for living as Christians is primary twofold:


            1.         To know God


            2.         To make Him known


            In this lesson, we will learn what the Bible is, how to study the Bible, and how to know God better.


            The Bible is the key to knowing God since He revealed who He is by means of scripture.  The Bible is the world’s most valuable treasure and the reading of it is a persons most profitable exercise.


I.          WHAT IS THE BIBLE?


1.         It is a total of ______ different books written by 40 different authors over a period of 2000 years.


2.         In our key verse, we learn that all scripture is _____ ________ by God.  Discuss what that means.


            A.        Matthew 4:4 tells us that the Word comes from:




            B.        Matthew 5:18 says that the scripture will last until:




            C.        II Peter 1:20-21 teaches that the scripture did not come from __________ but from __________.


3.         What does John 17:17 say the Word of God is?








1.         I Corinthians 2:12-13 tells us that we should study the scripture to understand:




2.         Romans 15:4 says that the Bible was written to __________ so we might have __________.


3.         Luke 24:27,44,45 shows us that we study the Word of God to find out about:









1.         It is through Bible study that we grow in Christ and become victorious.


            A.        What are we to use when fighting the devil’s schemes? Ephesians 6:17




            B.        How does scripture memorization help us according to Psalm 119:11?




            C.        In John 14:23 Jesus teaches us that our desire to know                                             God’s Word is based on our __________ for Him.


2.         Use the form below to discover more about the Bible and what it does in our lives.


                                                STUDY PSALM 19:7-11


                        What the Bible is  called         It’s characteristics       What it will do for me

Verse 7a          ______law_______    ___perfect____  ____renews____

Verse 7b          ________________    ____________            ______________

Verse 8a          ________________    ____________            ______________

Verse 8b          ________________    ____________            ______________

Verse 9a          ________________    ____________            ______________

Verse 9b          ________________    ____________            ______________

Verse 10          __gold & honey____   ___valuable__            __sweetens life__      

Verse 11          A WARNING: By my OBEDIENCE I will receive a great reward


3.         What are the results of meditating on the Word according to                                   Psalm 1?






            What truth from God’s Word has especially helped you recently?






APPLICATION:  Establish a T.A.W.G. - Time Alone With God


1.         Choose a time and be consistent

2.         Choose a place that is quiet and secluded

3.         Have a plan

            A.        Begin with prayer,

            B.        Mark your Bible,

            C.        Choose a favorite verse each day and mark “FV”,

            D.        Pray for yourself and others using that verse.